About Us


The formation of Lake Macquarie District Women’s Bowling Association in the year 2000 originated because (2) members namely Gaye Brown and Anne Hitchcock (Bel/Macquarie WBC) now called (Bel/Sporties WBC) discussed with the then State President Joyce Jones the possibly of making a new District as the present one was so large, they then got in touch with the 24 clubs within the geographical bounderies of Lake Macquarie City, where as 19 of the 24 clubs agreed that it was in their best interests to be represented by an entity other than the Newcastle District Women’s Bowling Association.

Rumours surrounding a proposed new women’s district were rife during the beginning of 1999 and at a gathering of Lake Macquarie club representatives in May of that year, it was agreed a steering committee of 5 be appointed to investigate and report back to all 24 clubs any/all instruction from NSWWBA Inc and/or Newcastle District Women’s Bowling Association.

The steering committee consisted of Dawn Barnett (Marks Point WBC), Patricia Coutts (Swansea WBC), Irene Chapman Recorder (Burwood Colliery), Pam Field Spokesperson (Boolaroo WBC), Elma Hoy (Charlestown WBC).

Confusion reingned among the clubs in Lake Macquarie as to whether the division of the NDWBA was a state directive or merely a suggestion. Eventually after 2 months of requests, NSWWBA agreed to meet with the 24 clubs involved and did so in July of 1999 at Boolaroo WBC.

State President Joyce Jones advised that clubs could elect which district they wished to be affiliated with.

The end result was 19 clubs elected to form a new much more manageable district.

The situation was so unusual that all print and broadcast media reported on the, what was erroneously labelled a “breakaway” district, and monitored its progress throughout the remainder of the year.

The steering committee was tasked with organising funding and all 19 clubs willingly paid a one off $100 levy with several clubs voluntarily donating generously larger amounts. One member club of the NDWBA, who wished to remain officially anonymous, donated $100 from it’s own funds, to the new district along with its good wishes.

That club will always be held in the highest esteem not just for its monetary gesture of good will but for its moral one.

With its modest budget the steering committee set about organising district colours, the design and manufacture of a district badge, Presidents flag, district hat bands and badges of office.

In September of 1999 an interim inaugural meeting of the “proposed” new district was held at Charlestown BC, where personel were put in place for the official inaugural meeting set down for the first month of the new millennium. That personel became the new steering committee giving workforce numbers a boost.

It was at this meeting that the district badge design was chosen from several worthwhile contenders. Its creator, Irene Chapman (Burwood Colliery BC), rendered a depiction of a yacht and included the following rational with her design.

The official colours of Lake Macquarie City are Gold and Blue.

The yacht is allied with the lake and the aspect is a frontal one indicating progress.

A yacht under full spinnaker represents good/safe sailing and the rising sun signifies fine weather.

The bird in flight is indicative of freedom.

The four point star on the spinnaker represents the four points of the compass and thus the lake.

The letters of the district initials are shadowed depicting there will always be other to follow.

The entirety is enclosed in an unbroken circle signifying never ending fellowship.

The dawn of the new millennium, and on its 7th day at Charlestown BC, the formation of the Lake Macquarie District Women’s Bowling Association was formalised in what was as much a celebration as a meeting.

Officers and Committees were confirmed and presentation of badges made by distinguished guests.

The Constitution was confirmed after which the new President’s flag designed by Irene Chapman (Burwood Colliery), was also unfurled amid a rousing cheer and thunderous applause.

The Lake Macquarie District Women’s Bowling Association was officially inaugurated 07/01/2000